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Fleet Card

Keep your company vehicles clean. 


Fleet cards are an easy way to give your employees the convenience to wash your company’s vehicles, plus give you the security of tracking their usage.

  • Sign up using the form below
  • Add as many fleet cards as you need to your company account. Charge limits can be set on the cards if needed.
  • Assign your company fleet cards to individual employees, specific company vehicles or to departments.
  • Fleet cards can be used at any of our five locations and work at all wash bays and vacuum machines.
  • Each month you’ll be billed for your total company usage. Your monthly invoice will include the itemized activity for each fleet card on your account.
Fleet Card Application
Billing Address
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How do you want to identify each card? (i.e. employee name, company vehicle, department name etc.)
Would you like to add a monthly spending limit on each fleet card? If yes, please note the amount.
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