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Columbia Ave

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Location: 2150 Columbia Ave, Lancaster PA 17603
Business Hours: 6am – 10pm daily
Services offered:

  • Self-service washers, dryers and vending machines

  • High efficiency washers in 20lb, 35lb, and 50lb capacities. (large enough to wash king size comforter)

  • High efficiency gas dryers in 30lb and 50lb capacity.

  • On-site vending machine for detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, laundry bags, snacks and drinks

  • Bill Exchanger on site to break large bills into smaller denominations for your convenience

  • Free WiFi

Ways to pay: CASH, CREDIT, DEBIT or EBT. No need to bring quarters! CASH and EBT customers simply need to use the Value Transfer Kiosks to load their money onto a Sundance Laundry card. The large touch screen kiosks will guide you through the simple 2-step process to get your Sundance Laundry card and add value to it. All washers, dryers and soap vending machines operate on cards for faster service. Simply swipe your card and select the cycle you want. If you choose not to participate in the Sundance Laundry card loyalty program, you can also pay right at each washer, dryer and soap vendor with any major CREDIT or DEBIT card. SIMPLE, FAST, CONVENIENT